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Venture ChurchLori Birrer

Lori Birrer


Twitter: @LoriJo85


Director of Guest Services

Position Description: Create welcoming and accepting environments for our guests


Psalm 37

Born- February 8, in Bloomington, Indiana

Education-Bachelor of Arts in Music from the University of Indianapolis

Masters of Music in Voice Performance from USM

Siblings-Kara, Deborah, Stephen, David, Molly, Tim

Hobbies and Activities- Watching movies (Redbox/Netflix/movie theatre!), any outdoor activity (what I lack in coordination- I make up for in enthusiasm), reading, listening/practicing music, teaching voice lessons, spending time on or by the water(lakes, ocean, pools…love it all), skyping with my family

Hero- My grandfather

Favorite Music- I like a little bit of everything…

Favorite Movies- So many but here’s a few that top the list…Bourne movies, The Avengers, Beauty and the Beast, Pride and Prejudice, Singin’ in the Rain, All 3 Batman movies, Harry Potter (all of them), any feel-good sports movie.

Favorite TV Shows- White Collar, Once Upon a Time, Modern Family

Favorite Coffee Shop (and drink)- I drink a lot of Earl Grey (or black) tea, sometimes sweetened a little- iced or hot depending on the time of year/day. Don’t really have a favorite coffee shop.

Life Story

I grew up in a Christian household and was given a great foundation in my childhood. I have always loved singing and performing and decided to major in it in college. After undergrad (and being rejected initially from graduate programs), I decided to move 13 hours south to Mobile, AL to take a year and attend the University of Mobile. I debated giving up performing but God opened the door for me to study with a fabulous teacher who saw my abilities onstage, believed in my voice, and was determined to get me into grad school. It was through this time that I absolutely fell in love with opera and musical theatre and decided this was definitely what I needed to be doing with my life. My teacher in Mobile connected me to a fantastic teacher named Maryann Kyle at USM. After auditioning and being accepted, I began my graduate work in voice performance. My voice completely changed in my master’s and I was hired professionally after I graduated from USM. Throughout this time, God kept impressing on me that people needed to be more important than music. He kept affirming that thought in my life and after a particularly hard year, I found myself back in Hattiesburg praying for direction. Through a series of what can only be explained as God orchestrated circumstances, I ended up at Venture Church and was eventually offered a job with guest services. It is amazing for me to see how God prepared my heart for a job I didn’t even know existed and in a town that not only feels like home for me, but is also a place that has musical opportunities for me. I’m incredibly excited to be a part of what God is doing here in this church and in this city!