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Church Life Sept. 18


Welcome to our Church Life blog. We hope you enjoy these weekly updates about the life of our church family.

This past weekend you continued to take our “No Seat Left Behind” challenge by filling more and more seats! Don’t forget that the majority of the people will come to church, if someone invites them. Who will you invite for this Sunday?

Our Lincoln Road campus had 2439 people enjoying the service and they witnessed 3 baptisms. Our Hunt Club campus had 417 people enjoying the service and there were 153 people who had the pleasure of jumping over here to watch and worship with us.

Pastor Jeff continued his sermon series, “Fractured”, and reminded us that “Nothing we do will make us unclean. We were already unclean.” If you have missed either of the first two sermons in this series, you can go to our website and watch them at your convenience.

If you are interested in joining our church family by becoming a partner or you would just like to hear about our vision, mission and strategy, than you want to sign up for Next Step. Please sign up here for the Next Step class that will be held at the Lincoln Road campus on Sunday, September 21 from 5-7 pm. (Dinner will be provided). Hunt Club folks — don’t feel left out! You’re Next Step will be Sunday, September 28 from 4-6pm.

Have a blessed week!

Church Life Sept 11

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Welcome to our Church Life blog. We hope you enjoy these weekly updates about the life of our church family.

This past weekend, all of the programs that you, your family and friends love, are back in full swing.  That means 252 is back.  Growth groups are back.  Club FX is back — and in a BIG way!  The first Club FX of this school year was the biggest non-Christmas Club FX ever. 

Pastor Jeff began his new sermon series, Fractured on Sunday.  He told us that we live in a world this is not the world God created; the cosmos was fractured and relational chaos was introduced when sin entered our world.  Last week was the bad news week but he promised that this Sunday, he will be sharing the good news.  Please don’t forget to we have “no seat left behind” rule, so bring a friend with you on Sunday so that they might hear the good news.

Speaking of no seat left behind, at the Lincoln Road campus this past weekend, we filled 2424 seats and those in attendance were blessed by seeing three people take their next step in their walk with Jesus Christ, through baptism.

The Hunt Club campus had 395 attend and we also had 137 people watching online.

 It’s not too late to sign up for a Growth Group.  You can click here and register or come by the adult booth in the atrium at either campus and sign up on Sunday.  All of our groups are going through Matt Chandler’s “Recovery Redemption” this semester and the first week’s feedback is off the chain! 

We can’t wait to see you Sunday! 

Church Life Sept. 4


Welcome to our Church Life blog. We hope you enjoy these weekly updates about the life of our church family.

This past weekend was, as you know, Labor Day weekend, but that didn’t stop you from making Venture Church a part of your celebrations. Over 2400 of you came on Sunday, and over 100 of you joined us online!

Sunday Craig Curtis preached on being fit through serving. Many of you took his message to heart and signed up to serve in one of our many areas, if you weren’t already. If you’re not sure how to sign up, or what area you might be interested in, it’s as easy as clicking here. There are so many different ways to serve here at Venture Church, we know you’re going to find somewhere to plug in to.

This coming Sunday is a big one. Not only do growth groups start (sign up here if you haven’t yet,) but Club FX and 252 also return! Parents of kindergarten-sixth graders, don’t forget that Club FX has moved up to an earlier time–it now starts at 5pm in the East Venue of the Lincoln Road campus.

We can’t wait to see you Sunday!

Church Life August 28


Welcome to our Church Life blog. We hope you enjoy these weekly updates about the life of our church family.

Andy Stanley, the pastor at North Point church in Atlanta, said, “An empty seat has never come to know Christ. Numbers matter.” That’s the reason why we share our attendance numbers with you every week. We want you to join us in celebrating the fact that each week God allows us to reach our community. This past Sunday, 2557 people attended the Lincoln Road campus, and 431 people attended the Hunt Club campus. That’s just under 3000 people that we got to worship with on Sunday!

We had four people get baptized on Sunday, and one student get baptized at Impact last Wednesday. Though we say this every week there’s baptisms, we really do get excited every time we get to see how God has changed someone’s life.

Our students had their first night of Impact last Wednesday, and it was huge! Our children’s ministry also had their welcome party at the Hunt Club campus last Sunday. They got to meet the families that will start 252 there in a few weeks.

Growth group signup is still going on, so it’s not too late to sign up if you haven’t yet, but hurry! Groups start the week of September 7th.

We know this weekend is Labor Day weekend, and many of you will be celebrating with friends and family, but we hope that you’ll still join us on Sunday. All of our campuses will meet on our regular schedule, so why not use this holiday weekend to bring a friend you’re celebrating with to Venture Church?

We hope to see you (and a friend) Sunday!

Church Life August 21

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Welcome to our Church Life blog. We hope you enjoy these weekly updates about the life of our church family.

Most college students were back this week, and we could definitely tell! Over 2600 people attended the Lincoln Rd campus, and 447 people attended the Hunt Club campus this Sunday. We’re expecting even more this Sunday, so make sure you come early to get a good seat.

Our college students had their first monthly event, The Bridge, on Tuesday, and we were thrilled with the turnout. Over 160 students enjoyed worship and a message by guest speaker Joseph Bird.

Growth group sign up started Sunday, and our 70+ groups are starting to fill up, so make sure you sign up online or stop by the booth at either the Lincoln Rd or the Hunt Club campus Sunday. Groups meet throughout the week, and are offered for all different age groups, so there’s one out there for you.

Jeff Clark talked about inviting people two weeks ago, and many of you have taken that to heart! One first time guest said that five people had personally invited him back. Way to go! We encourage you to continue to keep inviting people, especially as Hattiesburg has been flooded with new college students. Why not invite one to come to church with you on Sunday?