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Church Life August 14


Welcome to our Church Life blog. We hope you enjoy these weekly updates about the life of our church family.

With over 3000 people attending either the Lincoln Rd campus, Hunt Club campus, or online, this Sunday was our second biggest non-holiday Sunday of the year! We were so excited to see everyone back from vacation and ready to kick off the new school year. Big things happened at our Hunt Club campus Sunday–we got to celebrate our very first baptisms there! Not one, not two, but three kids showed how God had changed their lives by getting baptized.

Growth group sign up for the fall began Sunday, and many of you have already signed up. For those of you that haven’t–don’t worry, there’s still time. We have over 70 different groups for you to choose from, so no matter what your schedule or stage in life, there’s a group for you.

We’re really excited about this coming weekend for a big reason–our college students will be back! Move in at USM is this weekend, and we can’t wait to see what students from Southern, Carey, Jones, and PRCC have been up to this summer, and what God’s going to do in their lives this fall.

So make sure to come early Sunday, and make sure to invite any new students you meet to join you here at Venture Church. See you Sunday!

Ribbon Cutting Recap

Church Life August 7


Welcome to our Church Life blog. We hope you enjoy these weekly updates about the life of our church family.

This Sunday kicked off our new Fit series. We had 2,535 people attend the Lincoln Rd campus, 389 people at the Hunt Club campus, and 102 people joined us online through our live stream. We know many of you were excited to get to worship through music again, and many of you joining us from other cities (and those of you on your last before-school-starts vacations) were excited to have live stream back.  With the return of the regular Sunday service, we also saw the return of baptisms. It was so exciting to see two young men unafraid to publicly show the transformation God had done in their lives.

On Tuesday, our staff got to do something a little special for the teachers at Thames Elementary. As many of you know, our church has partnered with Thames as one of our local missions projects. We got to invite all of the teachers to our Lincoln Rd campus and provided lunch for them on Tuesday.

Today (Thursday,) we will have the official ribbon cutting ceremony at our new Hunt Club campus. This is a great chance to get to invite city officials, as well as some of our north Hattiesburg neighbors, to come visit the new campus.

Finally, we have a big event starting this Sunday–fall growth group sign up begins! This is a great chance to get to connect with a small group and walk through the Recovering Redemption study together as a church. Sign up is online at, or in the atrium at either campus.

We hope to see you Sunday!

Church Life July 31


Welcome to our Church Life blog. We hope you enjoy these weekly updates about the life of our church family.

This Sunday we wrapped up At the Movies with The Secret Life of Walter Mitty. Two thousand, six hundred and ninety-two people came this weekend! Over four hundred of you came to the Hunt Club campus. We don’t share these numbers to brag on ourselves, we share them with you because we know each and every one of those people has a story that God is shaping. One of those stories was shared with us this week:

This place is so GREAT!!!! I went for my first time yesterday and it was so welcoming. I really enjoyed it and I plan coming back and being a member. God is so Awesome! If it wasn’t for him, I would never be able to go to church and praise him. Thank you, Venture Church.

This is so encouraging! We love hearing how God is working in your life.

Our volunteers were absolutely amazing during At the Movies, serving over 6,600 cups (which is 990 gallons!) of popcorn during the series. We know they’re probably glad to have a break from it till next summer.

We have a lot kicking off this next Sunday as we begin to move into our fall schedule. First, we begin a new series Fit. You do not want to miss what Jeff Clark has to say. Second, after taking a break for a month, music, baptisms, and livestream are back!

Finally, if you’re interested in becoming a partner here at Venture Church, Next Step starts back this Sunday at 9:30 in the cafe at the Lincoln Rd campus.

We hope to see you Sunday!



Welcome to our Church Life blog. We hope you enjoy these weekly updates about the life of our church family.

This Sunday was our biggest non-Christmas, non-Easter weekend EVER! Three thousand, six hundred and thirty-four people came to Venture Church this weekend; over 600 of those were at the Hunt Club campus. We knew Frozen was going to be a big Sunday, but we had no idea how much bigger God’s plans for it were.

Our volunteers killed it this weekend! From coffee, to the parking lot, to production, to greeters, to princesses and Olafs, they didn’t let the crowds phase them one bit. We had fun and we know you did too. We’ve loved seeing all the pictures you sent us and hearing how much you and your families enjoyed it.

(Click here to check out our Frozen photo gallery.)

At the Movies wraps up this Sunday with The Secret Life of Walter Mitty. We pray you’ll continue to invite people to finish out the series with you, and we pray that your excitement and enthusiasm carries over as we prepare for a big August.

See you all Sunday as we travel around the world with Walter Mitty!

Frozen Recap

Church Life July 17


Welcome to our Church Life blog. We hope you enjoy these weekly updates about the life of our church family.

This Sunday was a great week for At the Movies. Five hundred and thirteen people came to the Hunt Club campus, including over 24 first time guests. Around 2,000 people attended the Lincoln Rd campus. We continued to be amazed at how excited you all are about inviting your friends, family, and coworkers to come with you each week.

Our volunteers continue to do incredible job. (Seriously guys, we’ll never say how amazing you are enough.) We also want to give a special shout out to our two astronauts who travelled all the way back to Earth to join us on Sunday.

At the Movies continues this Sunday and promises to be the biggest week yet! Pray for our first time guests especially, and pray that our volunteers will be ready to meet the challenge ahead.

See you all Sunday as we show Frozen!